Sunday, May 8, 2016

Today’s Treasures from 'Amoris Laetitia' (112-117):

  • [Love] implies limiting judgment, checking the impulse to issue a firm and ruthless condemnation: “Judge not and you will not be judged” (Lk 6:37). (112)
  • Whereas the tongue can be used to “curse those who are made in the likeness of God” (3:9), love cherishes the good name of others, even one’s enemies. (112)
  • Love coexists with imperfection. (113)
  • Love trusts, it sets free, it does not try to control, possess and dominate everything. (115)
  • [Love realizes that] things may not always turn out as we wish, God may well make crooked lines straight and draw some good from the evil we endure in this world.(116)
  • Each person, with all his or her failings, is called to the fullness of life in heaven. There, fully transformed by Christ’s resurrection, every weakness, darkness and infirmity will pass away. There the person’s true being will shine forth in all its goodness and beauty. (117)