Sunday, September 7, 2014

Remaining Catholic by Fr. Martin Pable: Non-Apologetic Reasons for Remaining in a Flawed Church

In looking for literature that reaffirms Church teaching in a "realistic" way, Remaining Catholic presents a clear, non-apologetic argument that explores six reasons to remain in the Church.  Initially I quickly read it, absorbing its content while searching hungrily for reaffirming answers. Currently, I am re-reading Remaining Catholic.  And I love the simplicity and non-apologetic approach Fr. Marty takes in outlining the Roman Catholic Church, her imperfections, and her graces.  The non-apologetic approach of this book is refreshing, and Fr. Marty's honesty about the imperfections of the bride are as comforting as his emphasis (and clear reminders) on her graces, especially those found in the sacraments. Any Catholic reader who questions orthodoxy will find comforting wisdom in Fr. Marty's book.  I only wish the book would dig deeper into the frustrating feelings most Catholics have with "big ticket" doctrines like contraception and papal infallibility, but I understand that most non-apologetic Catholic authors who honestly question these matters are considered heterodox. Fr. Marty clearly believes and lovingly teaches orthodox understandings in Remaining Catholic.