Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Movie Review of 'The Letters'

The Letters elicited many tears from me, and is a film every follower of Christ should watch. Be careful, for in this film you will see what it means to be a disciple, and you will see the reflection of Jesus throughout many of Mother Teresa's actions, even though, as later discovered in her letters, she suffered a severe "Dark Night of the Soul." 

I especially love the following scenes the most:
1. When Mother Teresa sees the poor in the streets of Calcutta from the window of her convent, we can actually see her start to hear God's "call within the call."
2. When Mother Teresa treats one of her first dying patients, one of her assistants says there is no hope and that the man is dying.  Mother Teresa says that dying alone is the biggest fear for the dying and that this man can now die in a loving presence, among people who love him.
3. When Mother Teresa is treating a dying man inside her hospice, the man raises his head and utters,"Why are you doing this for me? I am Hindu."  She replies, "Because I love you, and I see Jesus Christ in you."
4. When Mother Teresa is tempted to go back to Loreto and abandon her mission to the poor, she puts her hand on the door of the convent and realizes she can't go back and must continue with her mission to the poor, despite the enduring spiritual emptiness she feels.
5. Mother Teresa’s comment to the then radio reporter that she is merely a pencil in God's hand.
6. Mother Teresa's speech for the peace prize that includes the prayer of St Francis of Assisi: "Lord, make me a channel of your peace . . ."
7. The irony that this woman, who was an imitation of Jesus Christ, administered deep, compassionate agape to non-Christians while in an abandoned pagan temple.
8. The scene after the breech birth delivery, when the Indian man who was an antagonist for Mother Teresa, in humility, gets on his knees and kisses her feet in gratitude.

Mother Teresa loved without boundaries, even the most decrepit, diseased people whom their own family would not nurse. She loved, devoted her life to God and neighbor, even when her heart felt empty and she was convinced God had abandoned her. Mother Theresa inspires me to be a better person, to strive more deeply in my prayer life, to live the Gospel more deeply where I am, and to love more like Christ loves.