Sunday, February 14, 2016

Jeremiah 17:7 (NLT): Confidence in God

But blessed are those who trust in the Lord
   and have made the Lord their hope and confidence. 
(Jeremiah 17:7)
Have you ever noticed that when we trust our lives to God things have a way of working out in the end? Even when events in our lives come in the form of trials, upon prayerful review we can see God’s grace at work. And even in the midst of our most painful experiences, the end result, if we put our trust in God, is that our lives are more in line with Christ. The key, however, as the prophet Jeremiah tells the wayward Israelites, is to make God our hope and confidence, not anyone or anything in the world.

During this Lenten season (and for the rest of my life), can I make God my whole hope? Can I put my total confidence in Jesus Christ? It is a prayer that I hope we all can offer through our life witness to an ever-loving, awesome God.

Let us keep each other and our special intentions in prayer this week.  

May you all be blessed and encouraged in the love and peace of Christ.