Monday, October 31, 2016

How Finding True Peace is Through Faith and Trust in Jesus

Psalm 131:1-3
Lord, my heart is not proud;    nor are my eyes haughty.I do not busy myself with great matters,    with things too sublime for me.Rather, I have stilled my soul,Like a weaned child to its mother,    weaned is my soul.Israel, hope in the Lord,    now and forever.

“My heart is not proud; nor my eyes haughty” (1). The Psalmist busies himself not with “sublime” or “great things”; instead, he focuses on the one truth that brings the soul peace, the Lord. “In you, O’ Lord, I have found my peace” (ref). When we focus too deeply on the questions of existence, history, theology, and the world, our inquiry quickly becomes unmanageable, bringing on doubt and unhealthy skepticism. And in this we become distracted, easily forgetting an informed, grace-filled faith in God. This Psalm points to that truth. Pride, haughtiness, and being busied by the world’s demands and questions, distracts us from the truth of Jesus Christ’s love and our filial relationship with God. When we put our hope in God (3), we have stilled and quieted our souls (2).

Many times in my walk with Christ, I have become side-tracked by the profound questions of doctrine and Church Tradition. These questions have proven “things too sublime for me” (2) and have only brought on distraction and towering the weight of the cross. But when I put the deep questions to God and, instead, focus on the love of Christ and my trust in Him, I still and quiet my soul and find true peace.

Lord Jesus, let me not forget this: You still and quiet my soul and let me find true peace in your love and mercy. Amen.