Saturday, August 6, 2016

How our Biases can Blind us to Love: A Faithful Reaction to USCCB Blog: Faithful Witness to Marriage

USCCB Blog: Faithful Witness to Marriage: By Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, Bishop Richard J. Malone and Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski Questions revolving around marriage and human ...

With all due respect to the Bishops who are charged with upholding Tradition, I wonder if in criticizing this public figure and same-sex unions they close off their hearts to the love that can be found in adult, monogamous, committed relationships outside of our Traditional understanding? Has tradition and church teaching imbibed us with a bias that blinds us to this expression of love? After the Fall, we exist in a flawed way, but in those flaws, grace continues to flow. We don't have to go far to see this in beatified people like Dorothy Day. After all, where love is, even in its less-than-perfect form, there we find God.

I pray that our understanding of all expressions of genuine love grow, so that we can appreciate, respect, and love one another equally in Christ despite the imperfections we all have.