Saturday, August 20, 2016

How I See My Political and Religious Views

I believe in loving God and neighbor. My neighbor includes all who are regularly rejected by the narrow-mindedness of hate. This narrow-minded, hate-filled view is regularly masked under the cloak of "love and truth" by many religious institutions and political leaders. Love can never be associated with the rejection, ostracization, and condemnation of the marginalized. And we are all marginalized by sin.

I love all of my LGBTQ brothers and sisters and believe they should be given equal opportunity for lifelong unions, and although those unions may not live up to the biblical ideal, they should be respected and treated with love, not condemned.

I love people of other faiths, knowing that we are all united by one loving Creator who calls us to love him and each other. And I love all people of good will who, in their search for truth, realize a love for neighbor and try their best to live out a life of hope.

I believe that abortion is wrong and am against it, but I also realize that God gives us free will. Society should, however, do everything in its power to promote life. It is my hope and prayer that all women, and the men responsible for creating the child, choose life and love. Abortion is ugly and heartbreaking, but rather than society's religious institutions screaming about its evil nature, we should implement and support social teachings and services that promote mother/child health, give loving life options to unwed moms, and do everything we can to help pregnant women choose life for their children. Condemnation and exclusion are unacceptable; women need hope and love, healing and help. I am always praying for all moms (and dads) to choose life for their unborn children.

I believe we are all one church on pilgrimage, and on that pilgrimage we will make mistakes, even those institutions that claim absolute truth. As is revealed by history, one religious institution does not contain the unflawed truth as revealed by Jesus Christ. Many traditions get things right and wrong. All faithful, baptized Christians are part of one Body of Christ and indwelled by the Holy Spirit. One thing, however, we must get right is our love for God above all things and our neighbor as ourselves.

I believe in voting in good conscience and not through the coercion of religious leadership or bi-partisan political bias and spin. I reject partisan politics and am unaffiliated with any specific party. If I have to define my political position, then I am a moderate and "left of center" on some issues.