Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Franciscan Prayer Before Scripture: Hilarion Kistner, OFM

I'm reading The Gospels According to St. Francis by Hilarion Kistner O.F.M. and wanted to share this beautiful prayer:

"God our Father we ask you to send your Holy Spirit into our midst and into our hearts, that this Spirit may enable us to be in union with you and with your Son. We also ask that Mary and all the angels and saints, especially Francis, will pray for us that you, Father, may enable us to realize more fully your desire that we simply be like your Son as we live our human lives, and that we might do that better if we appreciate the Word that you have given us—the Word that we read in holy Scripture. Be with us then, Father, through your Spirit and hear our prayer, which we make through Christ our Lord. Amen."