Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Matthew 16:10-25

Being a servant of Christ is rewarding and fills our hearts with his love and presence, but many in our world do not welcome Jesus’ message or embrace the gospel.  Those who reject the gospel or who are agitated by Christians will persecute Christians, and as followers of Christ we are to be prepared. Although most of us will not have to go before rulers or be persecuted in the streets of our towns, we will experience rejection from our families and friends.
When Jesus enters into our hearts, our disposition changes. We think, act, and react differently, and our world becomes a place centered on Christ. The people who know and hang on to our old selves will be angry, agitated, and even jealous and or offended by our new joy in Christ. We must be prepared to handle this rejection and to give witness to God in our lives, no matter the circumstance.
Lord Jesus, I am yours, a pupil ready to witness to you in this world, even at the cost of persecution.  But I cannot do this of my own power; it can only be done in, through, and with your grace and love. I am powerless outside of you. Use me, Lord Jesus, to love and forgive others (including myself) in this world. Amen.