Sunday, January 18, 2015

When Catholic News Agency (CNA) Refuses to Publish a Response

Paul VI was right to warn against contraception, Pope Francis says :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

   I always love to observe Pope Francis' faith and humility, and he is a such a Christ-like loving leader of the Church.  But the issue of contraception has so divided the Church that for the more historically-minded faithful, hearing the same references to Humanae Vitae and the echoes of condemnation of artificial contraception as "intrinsically evil" in all circumstances still drives an unnecessary wedge between the Church.  In this article, CNA quotes:

“He [Paul VI] knew the difficulties that families experience, and that’s why in his encyclical, he expressed compassion for particular cases. And he taught professors to be particularly compassionate with particular cases,” Pope Francis said.

    This statement emphasizes the compassion and mercy that we faithful need to have for those who, although in their moral discernment give prudence and "attend to" the ordinary teachings of magisterium, through evaluative conscious discernment and contextual limits use artificial contraception to plan their families.
    I pray that the Church be united in not only loving but accepting all in the Body of Christ, which is what Pope Francis models.

  • Note on 1/19/15: I submitted this response on the above CNA article page in the comments section, but they, for reasons not disclosed, did not publish my response.