Thursday, March 13, 2014

Walk of Hope: Loving our Neighbor with Catholic Charities

Dear Friends,
   Just recently, my wife and I were discussing paint colors, new lighting, and various home improvements, ways that we could improve our already comfortable home.  After this discussion, we sat down to eat dinner, and looking around the table, I noticed the shining, healthy faces of my family.  We had good food and a warm, safe home to call our own.  Many in our own communities, however, don't even know from where their next meal will come.
  Hunger, homelessness, poverty, and abuse are very real and effect more families than we like to admit.  Many children go to sleep with the hollow pang of hunger in their stomachs.  Many mothers shuffle their children to the nearest shelter to get their kids off the street and out of the freezing rain, hoping there will be one more bed available for their child.  Many families seek to reconcile but, due to an addicted or mentally unstable parent, undergo abuse; their only hope is to safely escape to a shelter.  Although many despair daily, we can do something to help solve the problem.
   Small steps can make the difference. Our family will walk on Saturday, April 5, in Catholic Charities’ Walk of Hope.  Help us to bring hope to the needy, give to those in despair, and be a beacon of joy in an impoverished person's day.  Your contribution will make the difference.
Donating is fast, secure, and tax deductible, for Catholic Charities is a 501(c)3 charity. Catholic Charities works to reduce poverty, promote recovery and strengthen families by offering programs that provide food, financial assistance, counseling, and support. Catholic Charities has been a trusted resource since 1913, making sure no one in crisis is left alone. So, please “walk with us" and pledge at the secure link below.

Thank you.

In Peace,


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